Hack and Slash your way through dangerous tunnels and dungeons in the town of Grove in this great action RPG!



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Game Description

Do you enjoy the hack-and-slash role-playing games which are on all the major gaming systems, but seem to be having more and more trouble getting into the PC world? This game is for you then!

Fate is much like Diablo in that it is an adventure game which relies upon action and the hack-and-slash style of game. Also, you will find Fate has similar gameplay, a similar structure, a similar interface, and any number of other parts which seem to be like Diablo. Fate is a fully functioning 3D action RPG which will captivate you for hours of interesting and exciting game play.

The story line for Fate goes something like this: You are a boy or a girl who enters the town of Grove. In this town, you find an ominous dungeon gate which leads you into your adventure. With your trusted K-9 friend, you begin at the gate and look to go deeper and deeper into the dungeon finding hidden treasures and intimidating monsters to fight against. As you advance, you obtain richer treasures. The enemies vary in size as well as in strength, so make sure you obtain all the weapons as you go so you have a chance to win these continuous fights

You will be excited to see two levels you have in this game. Completion level, and also fame level. Gain points of fame by completing quests and destroying boss monsters. Fate is a good looking game which will work well even on modest game playing machines. Are you ready for this hack-and-slash role-playing game? Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime and hours of exciting and dangerous game playing fun!

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