Over 60 hours of total game play with this high seas swashbuckling adventure!

Tradewinds 2

Tradewinds 2

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

  • With 9 different ports scattered across the Caribbean and a plethora of Governor missions, there's over 60 hours of gameplay to be found
  • Choose between a variety of engaging ship captains
  • Interesting economy to buy and sell goods for profit
  • Buy bigger ships and equip them with special ammo, more cannons, or even magical voodoo dolls which provide special bonuses
  • Combat is completely automated but the addition of selecting targets and deploying special ammo makes it satisfying
  • The simplistic structure makes some sacrifices to the overall depth and complexity which may turn off some players
  • The cartoonish presentation and less than challenging action might not be to everyone's liking




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Game Description

Tradewinds 2 is a sequel to a popular 2004 strategy download hit Tradewinds. Although similar in fundamental concept, Tradewinds 2 is bigger, more varied, and deeper than the original game.

You start by choosing 1 of 4 characters to play. Beat the game and get the option of playing 2 additional characters. You begin the game by running errands for your home town governor, buying items at low prices and traveling to different port cities to sell them at a profit. These tasks will increase your wealth and allow you to buy better ships with bigger cargo areas, more cannons, stronger hulls, and other special abilities.

After you gain a good reputation with the first governor, he will recommend you to governors of other cities. They will give you more profitable and more dangerous tasks. You will be asked to run errands and hunt down tougher pirates, all bringing you more and more wealth. Complete these tasks, and new areas of the game map will open up to you.

Tradewinds 2 is just plain fun and once you get into the game, you will want to keep going and going, seeing how good of a ship you can get, how much money you can make, and how you do chasing down the toughest of pirates. Story mode is quite good and the way the levels open up once you complete tasks really make you want to keep playing longer and longer.

Tradewinds 2 Review

Tradewinds 2 is a simulation game which has you plying the waters of the Caribbean as a ship captain in the 18th century. Earn precious gold as you trade goods, battle broadside against pirates, and perform various tasks for the different port governors. It is incredibly easy to be up and sailing around in minutes with the simple interface and easy to use controls, pretty much everything can be controlled with just a click of the mouse.

Play as Different Captains With Different Strengths

What is really interesting are the different captains you can choose from, each with their own strengths and stories. You can be the easy-going Russel Van Gregor who is everyone's friend at any alehouse, or Ignacio Verdugo who is bent on finding the pirate who murdered his father so many years ago. It is quite interesting how the missions differ slightly between captains and how each character's story unfolds as you unlock more ports and meet new governors.

Good Economic System to Profit In

Besides performing the varied governor's missions to earn some extra gold, there are plenty of different goods which you can fill your cargo hold with to take advantage of the fluctuating market demands at each port. Learning the inside information at alehouses on when you can get cotton for cheap at one port can mean quite a hefty sum if you can find another port that is in need. The economic system provides a bit of a challenge in keeping track of all the different market prices and keeps things interesting.

Basic Combat

While you are sailing around on missions, or for your own personal gain, you are sure to run into your fair share of pirates. The combat system is rather simplified with most actions being automated, you simply click on an enemy ship and your cannons will start firing. This may not seem that interesting for some, but figuring out which ship to fire upon and when to deploy special ammo that does extra damage or strikes all enemy ships can be intriguing.

Not a Complex Trading or Combat Sim

The only problem with Tradewinds 2 is that in some cases the simulation is almost too simple and lacks a bit of the depth and complexity of other titles. The combat isn't really all that difficult and overall the game doesn't provide that much of a challenge as well. While this does make this a good game for casual players or those new to the genre, it may turn off some of the more experienced players.

Conclusion - The Basic Game is Fun and Addicting

Overall, Tradewinds 2 provides a decent simulation experience that is easy to get into and start playing. The variety of ships and goods to trade give you plenty of options as you work your way up to become the best trader and ship captain ever to sail the seas. While there are some issues which may not be to every player's liking, the core gameplay is quite fun and addictive. With the hour demo it is quite easy to get a taste of the core gameplay elements and see if this game is to your liking.

- Review by Alex

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Player created video showing custom character mode, available when you beat the game.


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