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Make Decisions About Your Social Life, Career, and Leisure Activities and See What You Can Accomplish!



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Categories/Tags: people simulation

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  • What's Free - Limited number of turns
  • File Size - 17.7 MB
  • Play It On - Windows PCs
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  • Game Created By - Positech Games

DFG Exclusive Review Summary


  • You choose the path that your character follows.
  • Make decisions regarding your career and social life.
  • Allows you to control your character without having to take care of every single detail.


  • No animation, only text and pictures.
  • Game starts fairly slow with limited options.
  • Can become boring quickly from repetition.




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Game Description

See What You Can Accomplish in 10 Years - What Will You Become?

"It's 6:20 PM on April 14, 2006. You are 20 years old and single. You live alone in a small flat in Greenville, a quiet, unremarkable town. Somehow you left school without any qualifications to speak of, and you have a dead end job that doesn't have much of a future.

What are you going to do with your life? What will you have achieved by your 30th birthday?"

So begins Kudos!

Very Fun Life Simulation

In this addicting life simulation game, you control all aspects of your character's life - social, economic, career, leisure activities, and more - for a ten year period in the prime of life.

As you probably know, decisions in real life are often hard, and always have consequences, for better or worse.

What if you could try a few things out in a game first, with no real-life consequences? Woulda, coulda, shoulda - ever wondered what might have happened if you'd made different choices?

With Kudos, now you can find out!

Extremely Realistic Gameplay

Just as in reality, to be successful playing Kudos you'll need to balance personal relationships, work responsibilities, and all the other aspects of life you might encounter!

Choose your friends well and make sure to spend time together or you could lose them. Go out to restaurants, movies, the opera, even bars!

Build your friendships and earn kudos points to meet even more interesting people. You'll find yourself rooting for your character to succeed in life!

Live the Life You've Always Wanted!

Money, cars, clothing, jewelry, fame, love - no prospect is shut to you in Kudos!

Tired of that $13,000 a year job as a waiter?

  • Go to night school for a while & get an education
  • Become a surgeon
  • Become a lawyer
  • Become a businessperson
  • Be an entertainer
  • Or almost anything else

In Kudos, it's all up to you!

What Will You Do Today?

You can even choose to make small, daily decisions like how to get to work, what to buy at stores, and whether to go jogging or not.

Each decision you make will affect your character's personality attributes, job performance, and social life, so choose wisely!

Lots of Options and Great Replay Value!

Kudos includes incredible depth of gameplay, so no single game you play will be like any other. There are so many ways to play the game that you'll want to explore them all!

Play mini-games to increase your character's intelligence, shop for all kinds of products to make life better.

The objective of the game is up to you - gain as much wealth as you can, make as many friends as you can, or get the best job you can find . . . or do it all at once!

Choose your character's image and appearance. Enable advanced backdrops, weather effects, music, and autosave. You can play on easy, normal, or hard difficulty for the best possible game experience, so give Kudos a try.

With Kudos, all the doors in life are open - will you have the courage to walk through?  Download Kudos now and find out!

Kudos Review

Kudos is a life simulation game that lets you control the choices your character makes. Your job, your training and what you do with your free time is all up to you. Interaction with your character and others is minimal since you make the choice and then you are only told the result. You will experience ten years in the life of your character. People simulation enthusiasts will enjoy this game to a certain extent, but will likely become bored quickly.

Getting Started

You begin the game with either a short tutorial or just jumping straight into the action. Either way there are tips and hints throughout the game. You will only be able to select from the pre-made characters, so there is no customization. You start out as a waiter making a minimal salary, but you can take night classes to become whatever you want from a rock star to a lawyer. You will also need to maintain friendships, clean your house and take care of yourself. You will experience your character age from 20 to 30 and hopefully achieve the goals you set.

Fairly Easy to Learn

Controls in the game are very simple to learn either through the tutorial or trial and error. The mouse controls everything since you will only be making the decisions and not performing the actions. The game is entirely text based, so when you decide to go out to the bar you won't see it but you are given a summation of the events (how it went, new friends, your mood, etc).

Smart Use of Limited Money is Key

You will earn money every day you work that you can spend however you want. There are a few activities that are free but most others will cost money. Going out to dinner, going shopping or night school are all examples of activities that cost money. While shopping you can purchase items that will help improve your life such as games that improve your IQ or exercise equipment to make you more healthy. To receive the gains from these purchases you have to select them as your free time activities.

Minimal Sound and Graphics, Emphasis on What Your Character Does

Graphics really don't contribute to this game since it is largely text based. Background pictures and the profile pictures of your friends are the only real graphics in the game. There is also very minimal sound to the game. The lack of much sound and graphics leaves the game feeling empty.

Repetition May Sink This Game For Some

While there are plenty of choices to make the game can quickly become repetitive, especially in the beginning. When you don't have much money all of the activities are out of reach. Even when you can do a variety of things the results are still exactly the same. A lot of people will become bored quickly with this game. Even the hardcore people simulation gamers might get bored with the lack of interaction.

Conclusion - Lots of Options For Your Character But May Get Repetitive Too Quickly

While Kudos does an okay job of making a people simulation game, the lack of interaction will put most people off. If you do enjoy this type of game there are plenty of options and paths to follow as your character progresses. Players of any age could understand and pick up the game easily. There are probably better options out there, but if you are a fan of these games you can try the download and see if you like it, but don't expect too much.

- Review by Mick

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210   (128 Ratings) » Rate & Review

54321 BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!, Jul 18, 2012
by Chris Naps

I have to say, Kudos is my all-time FAVORITE GAME EVER!!!!!!! I play it everyday and really love it. I don’t know what I would do all day, without Kudos!!!! Thank you for the best game ever :)

54321 Kudos is a cool game, Jul 16, 2010
by Michael

Kudos is a cool game because you get to controll wht you do and what your job will be so thats why i play Kudos it is just an amazing GAME!

54321 Addictive, May 18, 2010
by Wolf

This Game is awesome Very addictive couldn’t stop playing the demo only wish i had the full version but even with the demo i couldn’t stop Any one debating on this game should give it a go, and if you have a little extra cash (unlike me) to spend on this game DO IT. you wont regret it

54321 very realistic!, Feb 28, 2010
by victoria

I’m in my late twenties and really enjoyed playing this game. I really liked how the game had a schedule for the character to play and hoe the character related to friends and such. You also have to maintain yourself in the process. I will be buying the full version REAL soon.

54321 Kudos a Review, Aug 4, 2009
by Matthew Dunlop

Kudos is a very addicting simulation game where you can control all aspects of your avatars life. Job, House, Friends, Pets and personal items. I had so much fun playing this game so worth buying.

43211 Kudos- a life simulation, Jul 15, 2009
by Allison

This game is so addicting at times that you forget to log off and live your actual life. While it may seem that clicking around a colorful gameplay screen for hours directing someone’s life would be lame, the amount of different paths you can take and choices you can make turn this game into hours of fun. I like the easy, self-explanatory gameplay, and the feeling of moving up in the world. For example, in every game, you start out as a waiter/waitress who has absolutely no job skills. From this humble beginning, you proceed to socialize with your friends (thus earning ‘kudos’), take night classes to gain valuable job skills, and move up the corporate ladder. For example, in my last game, my waitress moved up to be a junior doctor by taking a night class just two days a week. Progress is quick too. But just like in real life, you have to balance yourself and manage your time. An over-stressed character will not be able to concentrate in class, and friends will say they did not like your mood.

Overall, there is really nothing I don’t like about this game, other than the fact that I eventually have to get off of it. I highly recommend it.

54321 Kudos- Game for All, Jun 11, 2009
by Hannah

Kudos was a fun and entertaining game in which you control a character’s life, what they can do, what there personality is, what jobs they can go for.
A great simulation game with fun for all.

54321 GREAT GAME, Mar 20, 2009
by Sahil

The first time i played this game i was a bit skeptic because i had played so many other strategy games before and after getting the hang of it your time is up but after the first 5mins of Kudos i was hooked. Its like real life you want to live. I cant wait to come to work everyday just to play. In my ten years life span i became a surgeon, owned an expensive car made a lot of money,hung out with the popular groups, ate at expensive restaurants,lived a balanced,healthy and happy life. I also got the opportunity to become very cultured and well spoken. It was so much fun i even forgot it was a game lol.The only thing i did not like was that the trial version expired lol, I would definitely load the full version if i could.
KUDOS to Kudos!!!

43211 Need Kudos?, Sep 29, 2008
by Andi

Making decisions in your own life can be over-whelming, stressful, just down right nasty. Ever wondered what it was like to see your results before you even had to make them?

Kudos is a virtual life game that allows you to pick and choose the life that you would have wanted to live. Riches, clothing, education…you name it!

With your imagination at work your character will advance through many different life styles in an amazingly fun way to do it. This game includes fun for the whole family - from teens to grown adults.

Prices don’t compare when it comes to Kudos, i guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

54321 kudos... living the life you want, Sep 8, 2008
by jossil

this is my kind of a game, living my dream life. no more wondering on the what if’s and what could have been… simply playing this game to my hearts content is a joyful bliss. great work for the programmers and the makers of this game. My hats off to you guys

43211 A pleasant suprise, Sep 7, 2008
by Amy

I was thrilled to play this game and upset when
my trial version expired. Can’t wait to get the
full version! I like that it focuses on one
individual rather than a family or community.
It is gripping!

54321 Kudos for Kudos, Aug 30, 2008
by Tracy

What a Great game i actually wanted my character to succeed. the only thing i would change is to let me ask to hang out with friends instead of waiting for them. i think it was a fun game id love to continue playing it was worth the download.

54321 Prepare to be addicted!, Aug 9, 2008
by mingyue

This is an extremely addictive game and it is definitely worth downloading the free version for an hour of excitement. Entertaining for adults and you get to choose the lifestyle you want for the character. Give it a try! I am sure you will love this game as I do!

43211 Kudos was great, Aug 6, 2008
by Anonymous

I thought this game was fun and entertaining. I have the EA sims games on my computer and i think i would much rather have this game. I would recommend it to anyone its a fun and entertaining way to spend spare time.

by Jessica

i have spent years trying to find a good simulation game that keeps my attention for months (unlike the sims) and doesnt make my computer slow (like second life) and actually has a variety of different outcomes. For the first time you cant actually predict what is gonna happen in each day. You can have what ever job you want and you can you can take any college course you want. You can choose from a huge variety of different places to go things to do. You can meet people randomly if you for instance go jogging. you can even decide which friends to not go out with when they invite you some where with their friends. AND THIS GAME IS SO AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE. I’ve never felt like this before with any other simulation games. Trust me I’ve tried so many games downloading and uninstalling its rediculous. and I finally found the perfect game. TRUST ME YOU WILL LOVE IT TOO. I did so much in the 60 minute trial. I got two pets a guy i really liked and i finished basic law school.TAKE MI WORD4IT!!

54321 Cooooool, Jul 20, 2008
by Fresh Prince

This is one of the best games i have ever played, the only thing that is hard about it is that its hard to control the happiness of a person. But overall, its cooool! Thanx!!!

32121 Not deep enough, Jul 13, 2008
by Paul , Turin

I bought this game and I enjoyed it for a while, but it gets old fast because there’s no
real way to affect the life of your character :
the statistics go up and down but there’s no real deepness in the game.

43211 Great Game, Jul 11, 2008
by Anonymous

I found this game really easy to get swept away with. Id say its more for teenagers or adults, the hour demo seemed to fly by. It really is like real life, you really need to balance work friends and classes. Its sort of like Sims but without all the walking around same sort of concept. There was only one thing that id change and that would be the person. You only get a few to choose from and none really appealed to me, in real life games like these people like the person to resemble themselves adding to the reality. But apart from that the game is really quite clever, you realize what sort of person you are or you wont to be!

54321 Awesome Game, Jul 2, 2008
by M. Barclay

This is a fun game.  If you like simulation games, this one is as close to life-like as I have ever played.  I would highly recommend!  The download time was minimal, less than a minute with DSL.  Great game for teens and adults.

54321 I Love this game., Jun 13, 2008
by Prayshana Washington

I think that this game is good for kids to relate to real life alot.  i would love for it to be a teaching for my kids to how to take care of themselves when get older and out on their own.  thanks very much.

54321 The best lifestyle game on Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Jun 12, 2008
by Paul

Kudos is the greatest personality game I have ever seen or will see! I simply love playing this game and end up playing for hours!!
It is very simple to use and can be played straight away without any help!!
But its quite challenging and very very realistic!
It also helps us build our own personalities!!

It easily exceeds its price tag of $20 when worse games like roller coaster sell for $40!!

I would like everyone to play it!!
It will change your life completely!!!!!!!!!

54321 Very good, Jun 8, 2008
by Cameron Hayes

IT is one of the best games i have ever played. one of teh reason is that you can do whatever you want. if you want to be a doctor you can, ect. another is that i has great features. one bad thing though is the price of the full game, i think it is too high, but i guess the people who make this need too make money too. in all it is a great game.

43211 Thoroughly entertaining!, Jun 6, 2008
by Paige

Kudos provided me with a very entertaining and semi-realistic experience, and I thought it was great! I think the aspect of it all was very dynamic. You have so much stuff to balance and maintain, that you begin to feel more stressed than the character! This game probably wouldn’t be for kids, just because of all the reading and the situations, in example: going out for beer and going to the night clubs, etc.. I think this game is very much worth the download, and if I enough money to pay for it, I would in a heartbeat! I could play this for days on end. It sucked me right in, and whether it sounds sad or not, created a new life for me to run! I mean, who doesn’t want that, honestly? This is unlike any other game I’ve played. Unlike the SIMS, this game is a lot more in depth about the characters daily life. It’s well worth it. If you like what you’ve heard so far, and you have the 20 bucks to spend, I HIGHLY recommend you download it. NOW :)

21321 I still prefer the Sims., May 27, 2008
by AsianChocolatier

An ‘okay’ knock-off of the Sims. Is sort of interesting for the first half an hour but then you find that there isn’t a big consequence of neglecting your character for a while to get things done. Would like to see the character go about things in ‘real-life’ though, like in the Sims, instead of reading the reports off a screen. Try the free download, it doesn’t take very long to download.

54321 loved it, May 26, 2008
by genevieve

This game is so addicted.  I loved the fact that we control the character’s life. It’s really cool to play once you get what to do.  It’s not hard to understand, and easy to enjoy playing. I will for sure buy this game. It’s worth downloading it. I for sure recommend it to kids and adults, it gives you an idea of how life works. for the moment its my top game.

54321 Addictive never ending fun!, May 13, 2008
by Crystal

This game is so addictive! I especially enjoy the freedom of the game, there are no restrictions. I would definitely compare this game to the Sims. Teens and young adults would find this game the most enjoyable. Well worth the download time and money.

54321 ADICTION!!!, May 9, 2008
by Jackie Sabosa

All i have to say is that i love this game. First off playing this game makes you accomplish things you always wish you could. It is somehow real and reflects your personality. paying kudos makes you see your self, how social you are,how much you work, how much you play!! It just makes you achieve things

43211 Great Game, Apr 14, 2008
by Jasmine

I think this game is very fun and ut makes you think how your life will be in 10 or 20 more years. Please play this game buy it if you can sometimes I wish they give more than 60 min.

54321 Kudos!, Apr 14, 2008
by Outlaw

This Game is very tricky at the start but me and the girl friend after a while of trying it we have become addicted the understanding part is hard but once you get the hand of things you should become addicted its only for people that like text based life simulation games thats all i have to say about this one so give it a try and if you like it buy big thumbs up to the makers

54321 Reality At Its Best!!, Apr 2, 2008
by Brittany Whitfield

I must say that I didn’t know what to expect when I first came across this game but I soon realized that it really represents reality and society at it’s best and worst. I love it!!

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Game Video

Watch scenes from the game including character creation, choosing friends, daily decisions, night class choices, and more.


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Kudos - Screen 1

Kudos - Screen 1

Kudos - Screen 2

Kudos - Screen 2


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