Run up and down ladders to rescue Grannie's stolen kitties!

Granny in Paradise

Granny in Paradise

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  • Tons of levels split across five worlds
  • Mix of platform and puzzle gaming
  • Create and play your own levels
  • High scores give you a reason to replay and strategize
  • Fun the whole family can enjoy
  • Constantly dealing with the same enemies becomes annoying
  • Game becomes repetitive
  • No help if you get stuck




Game Description

Granny is finally on vacation! Having spent many years raising her children, she is getting her well earned vacation in paradise.

As we all know, Granny really loves her kitties! Unfortunately, they have been abducted while she was taking a nap and now we have to help Granny her kitties back! Are you ready for the challenge? You will have to run, swim, jump, dig, swing, float and navigate through 170 exciting levels, and five it exciting worlds!

In this game you are not alone! You will have an enemy, Dr. Meow, who is trying to make sure Granny doesn't get her precious kitties back.

Are you smart enough to outwit Dr. Meow's clever helpers? The goal of this game is to help Granny recover all of her lost kitties! Enjoy this game four hours of exciting game play! Great for the entire family!

Granny in Paradise Review

Granny in Paradise is family-friendly mix of platform and puzzle gaming. You'll guide Granny as she works to rescue her cats and while dodging dangerous enemies. You can design and build your own levels and make them as hard or easy as you desire. Raise the stakes and challenge yourself to go for the high score. Think fast and move quickly as you take on all the challenges that await.

You Won't Run Out of Levels

There are more than 170 levels in Granny in Paradise split up amongst five different worlds. No two levels or worlds are exactly alike. Each world has its own music and theme. You start off in a bright and sunny resort with a colorful background and platforms made out of rock and sand. However, you'll find yourself in far different places before long, including a factory and jungle. Each world brings a unique twist to the appearance of platforms. Platforms are the basic parts of a level that you move across, such as the ground. There are also platforms above the ground only reachable by ladders, teleporters, or vines.

You Won't Run Out of Enemies Either

Granny in Paradise also has a variety of enemies and obstacles that change from level to level. You'll encounters a strange and diverse group of enemies that range from a dog to a man wearing a tiki mask and even more. Teleporters, locks, ice, plants, pits, and platforms themselves will also stand between you and the cats you must rescue. Special abilities such as a watering can used to grow climbable vines, an umbrella to slow your fall, and more will be needed as well to navigate the unique and treacherous levels safely. The downside when it comes to the enemies you face is that they keep coming back after you've dispatched them. Avoiding and removing the dog for the tenth time in a single level can get annoying.

Sometimes Even Granny Gets Stuck

Granny in Paradise starts off with simple and easy levels to get you accustomed to the game, but the difficulty increases as you progress in the game. If you find yourself stuck, there isn't any guide or hint available to help you out. You can't skip the level either, so you must keep trying to complete it or do previous or created levels. Created levels can be a great alternative, since you can make them as you see fit and adjust the difficulty as needed.

Easy to Learn

The controls in Granny in Paradise are simple enough for anyone to easily learn them and play the game. Granny can be moved left, right, and up with the corresponding arrows keys. A hole can be dug to trap enemies or reach other platforms by using the Space Bar. Collecting cats, watering vines, and other actions can all be accomplished by simply moving Granny to those objectives.

Could Get Repetitive

While Granny in Paradise has a vast selection of levels to complete, it can become repetitive somewhat quickly. You'll often have to face the same enemies multiple times in one level, and some levels require you to unlock doors or water vines several times. Facing the same enemies and obstacles so often can be boring. However, you can work towards reaching the high score to help alleviate this feeling. You can also use the level editor to create new and different levels that won't feel the same as what you've been doing. You won't have a lot of reason to replay the game, but it will keep you busy for a long time with the sheer number of levels provided and that you can create.

Conclusion - Good Platform Puzzler in the Tradition of Lode Runner

Overall, Granny in Paradise is a good game that will provide you with a great deal of entertainment and is a worthwhile game for anyone to play. A huge variety of levels, obstacles, and enemies will keep you busy and guessing the whole time. While it can get a bit repetitive, the large number of levels and the ability to create your own will keep you playing. You can work towards simply completing the levels or challenge yourself to do better and get the high score. Whatever you choose to do, Granny in Paradise is a game the whole family can enjoy.

- Review by Brandon

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