This Road Leads to Six Trading, Battling and Dangerous Adventures Along the Silk Road

Tradewinds Caravans

Tradewinds Caravans

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Game Description

Take the Dangerous Road to Adventure!

Embark on six different adventures along the Silk Road in the Middle East, China and more. Can you help a princess escape from assassins and build an army to avenge her father's death? Can you help a monk salvage his vows and a mother save her three ill children?

Enjoy six characters with unique stories and help them trade, travel, battle bandits and much more along the road to adventure!

Trade, Explore, Battle and More

In this strategy game, pick a character and enter their dangerous world. Visit cities like Constantinople and Baghdad and hire swordsmen, bowmen and more to defend you from bandits, buy pack animals and trade items, talk to emperors, monks and more and gather quests to advance the storyline.

Part of this game involves earning money by trading, completing quests or by borrowing money with high interest and another part is traveling from city to city by directing your caravan across the map. When you run into bandits or other foul people, tell your fighters to attack and watch them carry out the battle.

Meet memorable characters and experience the dangers and thrills of the Silk Road! Will your character be able to achieve their goals and survive?

Lots of Excitement and Humor Make This Game Memorable

This game is packed with humorous dialogue, deep stories and interesting characters. Test your abilities to handle money and get rich while still keeping your caravan protected. This adventure will not be easy to forget because this game is well-put-together and you can play it at least six times to experience all the characters and their unique challenges!

Hit the road now for an enjoyable adventure on the Silk Road with Tradewinds Caravans!

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