Help This Gutsy Granny Save Her Kitties and Enjoy Exciting Platform Fun!

Super Granny 4

Super Granny 4

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  • Level editor so you can make your own scenarios.
  • 160 levels in 6 different locations.
  • Side-by-side multiplayer lets you cooperate with a friend to complete levels.
  • No difficulty settings.
  • Play can become repetitive and boring.




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Game Description

Grannies With Guts!

Get ready for some more wild fun with Granny and her friends! Retrace the good old days with Granny, Kamila and Margaret by rescuing all the cats, beating the bad guys and snagging tons of loot!

This installment in the Super Granny series includes the same hilarious fun as the previous games but with awesome features like playing as multiple grannies and new obstacles.

Save the Cats and Take Out the Bad Guys!

In this platform game, the goal is to rescue all the cats lost throughout a maze of ladders, springs, ice and tons of other obstacles. Help Granny teach the bad guys a lesson by using a frying pan or hurling an anvil to beat up men dressed in black or angry dogs. Return the cats to the exit gate and then send Granny through the exit flower to win the level.

Eventually, you'll be able to switch between more than one granny as the mazes get tougher. One granny might have to find and hold a switch so another granny can go through a gate on the other side of the screen. The levels get more challenging as you face obstacles like ice, floors that drop out from under your feet and much more in more than 160 levels!

Use Your Reflexes and Your Brain

This game will test your reflexes as well as your brainpower. You'll have to act fast to keep Granny going while thinking ahead about how best to collect all the cats and avoid obstacles.

Enjoy multiplayer mode and even make your own levels to share on the Internet. With the hilarious remarks Granny makes and the bouncy background music, this game will keep you laughing, thinking and having a great time!

Help Granny save the day and prove what she's made of in Super Granny 4!

Super Granny 4 Review

The grannies are back at it once again in Super Granny 4. This latest installment of the series adds tons of new levels and locales to explore while looking for your lost kitties. Navigating the levels is a challenge with all the enemies, traps, switches and locked doors you need to operate. Super Granny 4 will provide you with hours of entertainment in the story mode alone. The addition of multiplayer and a level editor means you will never run out of things to do.

Someone Stole the Cats....Again

The game starts with you (Granny) and your friends noticing that your prize cats have gone missing once again. Fearing fowl play, you go in search of your kitties. Granny, Kamila and Margaret all team up to scour the world for their lost cats. Along the way you accomplish some levels alone but others you have to maneuver two or even all three characters around the level to collect all the kitties and return them safely home. To collect all the cats you will have to navigate ladders, monkey bars, spring loaded platforms and many more obstacles.

Basic Game Idea

Each level consists of a main objective and a side objective. The main objective is to return all your cats back home. To do this all you need to do is walk over the cat and it will follow you. Once you have the cats following you, you need to walk them to the door that sends them back home. The more cats you send through the door at a time the more points you will earn for each. Collecting all the cats before returning to the door will earn you a maximum score.

The side objective is to collect souvenirs, these are objects that are strewn about each level. By collecting all the souvenirs you earn bonus points and it also helps you earn flair for your quilt. Each area is represented by a quilt with buttons sewn onto it, by completing tasks you will earn flair for your quilt. Flair doesn't unlock anything but it adds extra playability to the game. You can also play multiplayer with a friend. Each of you will control one character using different sets of keys on the same keyboard. One player will use the standard arrow keys while the other will use the WASD keys.

160 Levels Plus Editor to Create Your Own

There are 160 levels in Super Granny 4. The levels will take place in six different locations around the world. The levels will vary in challenge but can become pretty repetitive after a while. If you do get bored of the levels offered in the game, you can create your own with the level editor. The level editor allows you to use any of the items and obstacles found in the game to create anything you can imagine. Since the game doesn't offer any difficulty settings you can also use the editor to make easier or harder levels depending on what your needs are.

Conclusion - Lots of Play Time if You Enjoy This Type of Game

Super Granny 4 will provide you with endless hours of entertainment. Beating all the levels is just the beginning, you can also get all the achievements and earn flair. You might not be able to play this game for hours on end because it might get repetitive, but with the level editor you can make some levels of your own to spice it up a bit. Easy controls and a family friendly theme lets anyone enjoy this game. Cat gathering, souvenir collecting adventure awaits you in this entertaining game.

- Review by Mick

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Watch footage from an early level and get an idea of the cat-saving platforming that is Super Granny 4.


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