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Vehicle Simulation That Lets You Drive Cars, Airplanes or Boats in an Open Environment!

Rigs of Rods game

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Rigs of Rods

Avg. Rating: 43210 (14 Player Reviews - Avg. Rating 4.8 out of 5) Write a Review

Categories: vehicle simulation, physics, freeware

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  • What's Free - Full game, no limits or restrictions!
  • Play It On - Win XP
  • File Size - 123 MB
  • Support - This game is freeware and not supported.
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DFG Exclusive Review


  • Lets you operate a huge variety of land, sea and air vehicles.
  • Amazingly realistic physics.
  • Open source code that can be modified by anyone.
  • Can be downloaded, played and modified for free.


  • Graphics are pretty ugly, despite the somewhat steep system requirements.
  • Not very user-friendly.
  • This isn’t really a game.



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Game Description

Explore the Land, Seas, and Sky

Experience an all new simulation experience with the spectacular physics and graphics found in Rigs of Rods. This Open Source truck, car, airplane, and boat simulator allows you to drive, fly, and sail in total freedom in any open environment.

What makes Rigs of Rods unique is that it uses soft-body physics: vehicles chassis and wheels are simulated in real-time as flexible objects, giving the simulation extremely accurate behavior, while allowing the vehicles to be simply specified by their structural composition as a network of interconnected nodes. This makes it a much easier task for gamers to create their very own vehicles to test out and crashing into walls or terrain can permanently deform a vehicle in a realistic manner.

Easy to Use

What makes Rigs of Rods a great simulator is the huge amount of details you have at your fingertips, while keeping the interface rather simple and easy to understand. With the click of a button you can see the rod network of each vehicle as it moves and see which beams are under the greatest amount of stress.

This effect is even more dramatic to watch as you push your vehicles to ever more extreme situations. There is not much that can compare to seeing the damage caused as you watch your boat deform as it crashes through high swells and careens into the shore, or as your turbojet plummets from a stall into the barren landscape.

Hours of Enjoyment

With the advanced flight model based on blade element theory, allowing the accurate simulation of any airplane based on their physical dimensions and wing airfoils, and an accurate buoyancy model based on elemental pressure gradients, enabling boats with complex hulls to move realistically in the swell, the sheer graphic effects are sure to leave you amazed. Send your vehicles through a whole plethora of extreme stunts and see just how far you can smash each vehicle and still keep it running.

A rather large community has arisen from the ability to create your own custom vehicles and maps, which means that new mods are continually being produced for your gaming pleasure. With ever more new vehicles to test out, you can enjoy this gaming experience as long as you want.

So if you like simulators with plenty of unique features and plenty of gameplay opportunities, download Rigs of Rods today!

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Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210   (14 Reviews) » Submit your own review!

54321 I would recommend!, Jun 08, 2013

by Andrew

I really like this game as it can be controlled by the user on what he/she likes whether it is pink cars or funky landscape colors. Anything is possible with some learning curves. Some of it is hard to learn at first, but in the end within a couple months of trying things out I got to love this game and have been playing it since 2009!

43211 RoR Review by cad5359, Nov 07, 2012

by Connor

Rigs of Rods or RoR is a soft-body physics game
that simulates cars, boats, trains, and planes. On the website there is a repository to download more vehicles amd terrains, and a wiki for help. Different people make the cars and some people do it better than others. But overall I rate it a 4, because it is all just free-roam and there is no objective to the game
and there is some flaws, but it is getting better and better with each version. It all just depends on how you use the game. It is very good to be free, it is worth $10. Just download the game and some DLC, and just have fun!

54321 PHYSICS!! WOO, Apr 19, 2012

by Corey

This game is great though. You have to have a computer with a great processor and GHz to have minimum to no lag. My frame rates slow down sometimes maybe because my laptop is probably doing things in the background. Since this game doesn’t need the internet to play it’s great for when I’m playing on my school’s Wi-Fi because the filter blocks anything considered a game. I love the crash physics of the cars and guys like Gabester and Box5Diesel make great cars and tracks you can mess up.

54321 Review, Sep 18, 2011

by Khadner

This game is excellent, one of the best simulators available and it is free. The physics are very realistic and the options are numerous. You can mod the vehicles in almost every aspect and do it kind of easily. This game is still being updated with new features that continue to make this better and better. I recommend this game to anyone who like vehicle simulators. There is even a forum associated with the game (Look it up).

54321 Awesommmme, Dec 30, 2010

by p387 t

The download only took about 20 min and who cares about the wait? It is as fun as 18 Wheels of Steel Haulin!!! I would Recommend this to anyone. Even Adam Savage (host of the show Mythbusters) has it!

54321 totally awesome!, Jun 13, 2010

by Tom

download was a bit long,but…what the heck!ITS A FUN GAME!Drive cars,boats,planes,trucks with alot of maps and gives you the freedom to wreck your car carelessly.

43211 Best Simulation Game Out There, Mar 06, 2010

by Nicholas

Awesome, the best thing is you can drive millions of vehicles but, you can also drive planes and boats too! The download is HUGE if you’re using dial-up but its sure worth the wait. don’t just sit there, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!

54321 cool game, Feb 26, 2010

by scott

This game is cool but takes along time to download.  I still enjoyed it and it is worth the time!!!!

54321 Exellent Modding, Feb 14, 2010

by 3dracer01

This is a great game for creating your own mods.  Your mind is your only boundary!

54321 Awsome!!!!!, Feb 11, 2010

by Kendall Willardson

I loved it!  First of all, it has all sorts of vehicles, and second, you have the freedom of driving it and crashing it! I would recommend it to anyone who is on this screen.

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Check out all the different big rigs that you can sit behind the wheel in with Rigs of Rods.

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