Solve a Wide Variety of Clever Puzzles to Restore the Glyphstones and Save the World



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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

  • Absolutely stunning, vibrant graphics.
  • Colorful characters with enjoyable voice acting.
  • Unique puzzles that challenge intellect and imagination.
  • Will be too short to the more experienced adventure gamer.
  • Some puzzle objects are much too simple to spot.




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Game Description

Fix the Glyphstones and Save the World!

The glyphstones keep the world in balance, but something bad is happening to them! Katya is the only one who can fix the glyphstones but she's lost her memory!

Help her travel through fire, water, ice and more and solve clever puzzles, meet amusing characters and discover who she is in this quest to save the glyphstones.

An Enchanting Blend of Puzzles and Hidden Object Gameplay

In this point-and-click adventure game, explore beautiful locations and solve puzzles to advance to the next location. Before you can move on to a new location, you must find all 10 map pieces and assemble them like a jigsaw puzzle. You can find the pieces hidden in the current realm or by helping characters complete tasks.

Some puzzles include finding a few hidden items to build a helpful device, like finding bones and vines to create something that can reach across a sinkhole to retrieve a bag. Other puzzles include rotating tiles to form a picture, hitting the correct notes on an organ at the correct time and more.

Many puzzles will test your ability to recognize patterns. For example, you might have to find colored crystals and decide which color goes where in a door based on memorizing a pattern. At the end of each realm, you must restore the glyphstone by figuring out a pattern of symbols.

Enjoy a Variety of Puzzles and Characters

This game is unique because the addicting blend of short hidden object puzzles and a wide variety of other puzzles will keep you on the edge of your seat. Meet an amusing cast of characters and enjoy the many twists in the story and puzzles. You can even enjoy learning magic spells with your wand!

Let the gorgeous graphics transport you to a beautiful fantasy world packed with adventure. The hours will melt away as soon as you start playing and you won't want to stop playing!

If you enjoy adventure games with a wide variety of puzzles, challenge yourself with Kuros now!

Kuros Review

Without a doubt the most magnificent feature of this game is the gorgeous graphics that depict the multi-faceted world of color that is the land of Kuros. Each new location is truly a beauty to behold, uncovering new levels of creativity and magical wonder with each new discovery. Visit the splendid wooded realm, the glimmering fire world, or dive down under to uncover the water glyphstone, each new location surpassing the last in vibrant splendor.

Interesting Characters On Your Quest for Self-Identity

As you wonder through the land of Kuros without any recollection of your name or identity, you stumble upon a cast of delightful characters whose peculiarities and creativity will surely prove amusing. Beaked oracles and cunning wizards are just a few of the magical beings encountered on your journey to self-re identification that will pit you as the savior of this enchanted realm.

Good Voice Overs and Puzzles

Unlike so many games that feature voice acting, the voice overs in Kuros are entertaining and actually add to the overall experience of the game in a positive way. The puzzles that comprise your activities are one-of-a-kind and incredibly diverse, sometimes mimicking items on the screen, moving stones and gems to their proper location, or identifying missing links in photo puzzles that test wit and intellectual ability.

One drawback is that many of the objects that must be located within the scene, such as map pieces to construct the next location, are rather simple to spot in the background.

Conclusion - Short But Well Made

To the more experienced adventure/hidden objects player, the length of the game will feel rather short as many of the puzzles will prove somewhat easy to solve. However, the wonderfully vibrant graphics, unique characters and originality of puzzles will make this release well worth the time spent playing, providing an exciting experience to any player who enjoys the genre.

- Review by Sara

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