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Own the Open Road of Europe in Your Fast and Realistic Big Rig!

Euro Truck Simulator
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Euro Truck Simulator

Avg. Rating: 43210 (31 Player Ratings - Avg. Rating 4.9 out of 5) Rate & Review

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Categories/Tags: vehicle simulation truck driving simulation customize vehicles

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DFG Exclusive Review


  • Five European countries you can make deliveries in.
  • Increased number of short city-to-city loads.
  • Upgrade options for your truck to increase power, handling or decrease fuel consumption.
  • Each type of load can present new challenges and require different licenses. (Hazardous material requires an inspection, care must be taken with fragile loads.)


  • The “big money” loads all require a significant amount of time.




Game Description

Climb into the Cab and Hit the Road!

Feel the power of your huge truck rumbling down the road in scenic Europe. You get to be the driver and delivering cargo to European countries is your job!

Transport Cargo Throughout Europe

This realistic truck simulator game lets you choose which beautiful European country you want to start working in. Buy a truck, hook up a trailer, grab the cargo and hit the road!

It's entirely up to you to drive between the cities and countries. Use blinkers, headlights, windshield wipers and more for a realistic experience. Stop for gas or rest when you need to but be careful not to damage the cargo! Make money to buy new trucks and upgrades so you can drive faster, carry more and expand your jobs into more cities.

Realistic and Fun for All Ages

The realistic, detailed trucks are modeled after real trucks and the scenery is beautiful. Gamers of all ages can enjoy driving the big rigs, choosing jobs and earning money from successful deliveries! Strategize about which job will give the best pay-off or just go have fun practicing your truck-driving skills.

The open road is calling to you! Play Euro Truck Simulator now and make a name for yourself in the trucking industry.

Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210   (31 Ratings) » Rate & Review

54321 very good, May 26, 2014
by regine llasus

very nice games thanks because i find this game…can i ask 1 question? how can i buy full version this game pls help me god bless

54321 good, Dec 3, 2013
by abdul

i like this game very much and even my brother also liked it it a good game its not boring

54321 Brilliant, Jul 1, 2013
by Unknown

This game is a brilliant simulation. I like that i can easily control all of the vehicles parts. I love the 3D and the effects for the weather.

54321 how it is very fantastic, Mar 17, 2013
by adnan

Euro Truck Simulator is a good value game with good graphics and good gameplay. You can drive around Europe and complete jobs to get more money and you can buy bigger and better trucks. You will have to buy more fuel when you run low, each truck has a different fuel tank capacity. You can deliver all sorts of goods to many different locations around Europe. Eventually you will get tired and will have to rest at petrol stations. During the game you will get weather and time changes unlike some games and have to turn lights and wipers on. I found this game very entertaining and very enjoyable. Demo version is ok but you will only get 1 hour play time, and I suggest to buy the full version if, of course, you have the money. I give this game 5/5 and I truly advise this game to any age group but i loved it very very much

54321 wonder euro, Dec 1, 2012
by Arun

In this game, I can understand a Trucker’s duty and their hard Job. By taking a job, sleep for correct time, filling the tank,etc..,

Frist, I thank to the Game developer of this Euro truck simulator.

This simulation is wonderful creation i ever played games before.,

Thank you very much.

54321 euro truck simulator, Jun 9, 2012
by alex

the game is the best games i have ever seen in the whole best wourld.i have searched for better games but i have not found any of the games.

54321 Great!, Jun 2, 2012
by Brianna

This game is real good! Its a little easy to understand but very easy to get a hang of. I would not regret having a chance to play if I were you. I have not had any problems with it either! 1-10 i would give it a 9.

54321 A best game ever in my life., Apr 9, 2012
by U

    If you play this game you don’t want to come back from the game and you don’t forget this game.It’s a fantastic game ever.

        It’s not a game it is a real thing.It seems to be feel like we are driving a truck really.

        The sceneries in the game looks so good.I wont play a game like this.There are so many levels to play and each level will be a challange to us.

54321 Very good, Feb 12, 2012
by Tristan

this game is very nice and the graphic are cool. i would like to buy it but i don’t have money… try the free version and you will very like it if you are a fan of simulation games.

54321 excelent, Oct 8, 2011
by ed

this is the best truck sim game out there and it is with very realistic routes you can drive in loads of country’s in europe so it is a definite buy it has a nice variety of cargo’s and trucks. it could be improved by having some more routes in the uk but it is still rather good

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Game Video

Catch a couple minutes of gameplay footage from this realistic European trucking simulation.


Click Screenshot to Enlarge

Euro Truck Simulator - Screen 1 Euro Truck Simulator - Screen 2
Euro Truck Simulator - Screen 1

Euro Truck Simulator - Screen 1

Euro Truck Simulator - Screen 2

Euro Truck Simulator - Screen 2


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