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Delta Force 2

Delta Force 2

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  • More of the elite commando tactical first-person action the series is known for with long-range rifle duels, one shot kills, and more of a stealth emphasis
  • Great weapons including a .50 cal sniper rifle, M40A1 sniper rifle, M4 machine gun with an M203 grenade launcher or shotgun attachment, an MP5, M249 SAW, and many more
  • 45 single-player missions, including 25 levels split between two campaigns and 20 stand-alone scenarios, means a ton of play time
  • Powerful mission editor lets you create your own complex scenarios
  • The multiplayer aspect is very addicting and fun with 50 players at once, a wider array of weaponry, and a variety of game modes such as deathmatch, attack and defend, search and destroy, and team flagball
  • New Commander's Screen allows you to change waypoints if required
  • Mission waypoints tend to put you right into the heat of the action and it is dangerous to just follow the default route
  • Cannot control your computer-controlled allies and this can get frustrating since their actions are triggered by reaching the dangerous waypoints
  • Cannot save during a mission so you could find yourself being shot by the last enemy and have to start the mission over from the beginning




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Game Description

Editor's Update (10/21/14) - There is no longer an official free trial for this game.  However, you can buy a low cost digital full version at Steam

Take Down the Terrorists!

You're a member of the Special Operations unit of the U.S. Army and your unit is what's standing between terrorism and a safe world. Destroy terrorists all over the world, from Antarctica to Chad, as you work to save the world from destruction.

A Wide Variety of Missions and Environments

Pick your soldier and jump into one of 45 missions like killing all of the enemies that have taken over a deadly science research lab or rescuing hostages. Sneak onto the premises and then blast away every enemy you can see before they kill you first!

Hide in tall grass and snipe at tons of enemies or storm into buildings and shoot whatever you can. Every enemy reacts differently by running toward you, shooting, dropping to the ground and more, so this game will keep you on your toes!

Realistic and Packed With Endless Entertainment

The amazing sound effects and unique environments with a variety of places to take cover will give you the rush of excitement like you're really there. Each mission is long and packed with enemies, plus you can play with up to 50 players online and even create your own missions!

Show the terrorists that you mean business in Delta Force 2 now!

Delta Force 2 Review

Delta Force 2 continues the intense and enjoyable tactical shooting that the original game pioneered.

Elite Soldier With Elite Weapons

You once again find yourself in the shoes of the US Army's elite commando and counterterrorist military force as you fight to protect the American people with a wide array of weapons, such as a .50 cal sniper rifle, M40A1 sniper rifle, an M4 machine gun with an M203 grenade launcher or shotgun attachment, an MP5, the powerful M249 SAW, and many more. The ability to wield such a vast array of weaponry lets you decide on your own play style and how best to face off in the many long-distance engagements and frantic close quarters building searches.

A Variety of Missions

The campaigns will have you going across the globe to keep things stable and you'll find yourself experiencing such riveting missions as assaulting a top secret laboratory in the Antarctic that has been taken over by unknown forces bent on bio-terrorism or stopping terrorists who have captured a uranium mine in Chad. The varied settings and different missions types helps to keep things fresh as you assault enemy bases, rescue hostages, and secure dangerous materials.

If that isn't enough, there is a powerful mission editor that allows you to create your own complex scenarios and an extensive multiplayer experience with up to 50 players, both of which add considerable play time.

A Couple Annoyances

There were some slight issues though that might put some people off to the gameplay. For instance the mission waypoints tend to put you right into the heat of the action and in most cases, if you want to survive, you'd be better off not following them precisely. This can cause issues though since your computer-controlled allies react by triggered events when you reach certain waypoints, but there is a little leeway in that the new commander's screen allows you to modify the waypoints a bit.

The only other issue is that there is no in-game save feature which means you could find yourself being shot by the last enemy and have to start the mission over from the beginning, which can be frustrating.

Conclusion - A Fun Tactical Shooter

While Delta Force 2 may have some slight issues, the gameplay more than makes up for any of them. The tactical shooting, long range duels mixed with intense building clearing action, and variety of weapons provide a game that is both fun and addicting.

If you are fan of the series then this a great addition to your library, and it is perfect for new players as well with its simple interface.

- Review by Alex

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