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"Mr President, the Chickens...they're....they're HERE!"

Chicken Invaders game

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Chicken Invaders

Avg. Rating: 43210 (70 Player Reviews - Avg. Rating 4.7 out of 5) Write a Review

Categories: space shooter, galaxian clone, funny, freeware, chicken invaders series

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  • Play It On - Win XP
  • File Size - 3.18 MB
  • Support - This game is freeware and not supported.
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DFG Exclusive Review


  • Simple gameplay and controls makes this a good game choice for anyone
  • Play with a friend as you team up to save the world
  • Upload your high scores to compete with others online
  • Free to download and play


  • Repetitive nature of the game limits replay value
  • Sounds effects get annoying after a while
  • No options to change controls, difficulty, etc.



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Game Description

Act Now or Get Scrambled!

"Situation critical. You are our best pilot. Launch immediately on an intercept course to the closest attack wave. Destroy all alien chicken life forms you encouter flapping wildly in space. Incinerate them. I want to see nothing left but DRUMSTICKS! Oh, and soldier, don't eat the eggs...whatever you do, DON'T EAT THE EGGS!"

Chicken Invaders Game Tips

  • Like I said, don't eat the eggs
  • Presents = good, asteroids = bad, drumsticks = good, eggs = bad
  • Missiles work real well on the enemy bosses
  • Shoot...a, all the time...

More Chicken Invaders Action Available

For more galactic, chicken roasting fun you've got to try Chicken Invaders 2 The Next Wave and Chicken Invaders 3 Revenge of the Yolk.  Both game offer a lot more weapons, funny cutscenes, and space shooting action than this version.

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Player Reviews

Average Rating: 43210   (70 Reviews) » Submit your own review!

54321 superb game, Dec 26, 2013

by sweetgirlaishu

This game is so enjoyable. I love to play this game. I’ll always try to complete all levels but it is difficult,anyway I love this and I suggest others to play this wonderful game.

43211 Really Good!!, Apr 29, 2013

by Mitchel Randle

This game is awesome!!! The cheats don’t work, but it is still really good without the cheats.

54321 Invaddicted, Apr 12, 2013

by jo

Game’s really good, has legs, for a dopey single shooter type game. I’ve been hooked for years (nothing to brag about really). I need to get a life eh?

54321 good game, bad controls, Dec 26, 2012

by Dan

Gameplay is entertaining and challenging, but it would be really great if there were a way to use a less awkward control layout. I have to say, on a laptop keyboard, even on my big laptop, shift is far too close to the “A” button for comfort, and the other option works but my left hand tends to be a tad slow on the fire rate…

54321 the best, Nov 27, 2012

by aniecia

i love this game its the best i grantee and recommend to all the person out there who are game freak and love having fun

54321 the coolest game ever, Nov 12, 2012

by lee campbell

this game is so coll because the your have to destroy the chickens when they throw eggs at you and because there’s allot of levels to play in it and that make the game so coll

54321 Chicken Invaders 1, Jul 30, 2012

by Michael

Chicken Invaders was my favourite game when I was younger, and I still play it sometimes. I would recommend it any day to any one because it is one of the best made game in the ‘alien invaders’ group.I believe that even though the game is old, it is one of the best games I have ever played. 10/10.

54321 Superb game, Jul 22, 2012

by Akshay

great game for kids and people of all age..superb game and even pure vegetarians ‘ll definitely love this fantastic game:-)

once the max usage exceeds, ‘ll download d game again and ‘ll start playing.One of my favorite game is dave (eventhough its too old,‘ll give first place to it in my list)
and I would say, this game chicken invaders has overtaken it and is d best game i’ve ever played.

love to play it again nd again..come lets eat chickens..kurum kurum!!!!

43211 Egg on my Face, Apr 24, 2012

by Alterna Thunderfox

After playing Chicken Invaders, it was like egg on my face. Of course, the interface was decent; the only reason this is rated a 4 is because the controls are a bit difficult and loose. It’s a really hard challenge with the controls, and the 3-D visuals are decent, the sound is perfectly synched.However, this is a good game for those with an egg-streme craving for Space Invaders, too. I’d still like to recommend this game to anyone willing to egg on some nasty hens.

54321 love this, Feb 04, 2012

by zubair

this game is very fantastic.
i suggest i it has more options like ( choosing the plane color and type , the driver shape , the more you win the more you have credit to buy a more powerful plane ).
This game is the coolest game I have ever played and I am sure that I will play it over and over again….............
It’s never boring and it’s a more exciting way to play Space Invaders.  I mean, who doesn’t want to blast evil chickens with lasers?! :]
I myself have finished the game completely twice. It’s a relief when you win. LOL Try it out, and see if you don’t like it!

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Chicken Invaders - Screen 1

This egg looks innocent…but it’s full of evil!!!!

Chicken Invaders - Screen 2

Blasting cartoon chickens never gets old (or does it….)

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