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  • Includes in-depth tutorials that teach everything you need to know about the game.
  • Features a nice variety of options and rule sets.
  • Easy automated score keeping.
  • Boasts a good mix of strategy and luck.
  • No online connectivity.
  • The computer AI isn't all that sharp.




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Game Description

Yahtzee Fans, You Must Try This Game!

Roll your way to fast fun with this amazing version of the classic Yahtzee board game that's been a family favorite for over 50 years.

Earn as many points as you can as you take on friends, family or the computer throwing dice in this fresh spin on the old classic game of Yahtzee.

The rules are simple: roll the 5 dice and combine the results to score pairs, 4-of a-kinds, straights and Yahtzees, to name a few.

Classic Yahtzee, Triple Yahtzee and More!

Choose from three different game modes and three difficulty settings to master the game and take the game at your own pace by setting the computer to play as quick or slowly as you want.

Play original Yahtzee and play alone, against up to three computer opponents or against as many as three friends around the same computer, Triple Yahtzee, which gives you three scorecards to fill, and Power Yahtzee, which gives you 13 different power-ups (starting with "Helping Hand" which tells you what dice to keep, and "Bad Luck" which disables your opponents from scoring for one full round,) that help you beat your opponent.

Earn Trophies for Playing Well

The game features a trophy room and it's your job to fill it. Beat specific games and modes to get the 16 available trophies.

Easy to Use

This version of Yahtzee has been fine-tuned to make it easy for the user to play. The interface is clean, with large, colorful buttons indicating your options.

Includes Quick Tutorial to Learn the Game

Dust off those cob webs or learn to play Yahtzee for the first time with the quick and easy-to-learn features of the game. The game begins with a short and simple tutorial that will make Yahtzee easy for anyone to learn, or remember.

Excellent Representation of the Board Game

Yahtzee features realistic sounds and graphics that practically put you at the table. You hear the dice hit the table and with bright, colorful graphics you are virtually throwing the dice yourself. The scorecards are exact versions of the real thing, except in this Yahtzee, the game does the math for you.

It's Just Like the Game You Used to Play as a Kid!

Yahtzee is the old standard that's perfect for any skills level, just like the real game. With spectacular graphics and realistic sounds, it's like you really are playing real Yahtzee. Use your math and strategy skills to achieve victory.

If you want to play a quick, fun, and easy version of the classic family game Yahtzee, then download Yahtzee today!

Yahtzee Review

A Unique Game of Dice

The humble six-sided die has never failed to amuse humanity over the centuries. The simple act of rolling it and seeing what number appears face up has brought forth thousands of games. Yahtzee may be a comparatively recent one, but that doesn't mean it lacks the potential for timelessness. With that in mind, Zylom has put together a decent electronic version that you can play on your computer. At the very least, it makes a great tool for learning all the ins and outs of the game. However, it still begs the question: is there really any reason to buy this over simply just using your own dice?

Looks Competent

Since Yahtzee is a game that's all about dice, it's foolish to expect anything groundbreaking from the visuals. Fortunately, they get the job done. All text is readable, dice numbers are identifiable, and the backgrounds have enough detail to keep things from feeling bland and soulless. One minor quibble is that the dice don't bounce, roll and fall in the game as they would in real life. When they come out of the cup, their numbers are just sort of generated on the spot. It's not a big deal, but it certainly would have been nice to watch them roll like real dice. As it is, it feels like the random number generator is determining everything, rather than the way you throw the dice.

The music aims for a similarly inoffensive tone. It plays a synthetic beat that's pretty catchy, but otherwise unremarkable. Like many similar tunes, it's in danger of growing annoying over time. Thankfully, it's not a huge issue, particularly since Yahtzee includes an option to adjust the volume of the music. Sound effects are on a separate meter, so you don't need to play in complete silence should you decide to mute the music.

Easy to Learn

Yahtzee is not a complicated game at all, though its rules can seem a tad involved for a beginner. Luckily, even if you have never played it before, Zylom's edition will walk you through everything. The game includes an in-depth explanation of the rules for every version of Yahtzee that comes with the package. They're detailed and easy enough to read. However, if you find them to be a drag, then you don't need to worry about going over them. You can just as easily learn the ropes by playing. Tool tips will walk you through everything on the go as you roll your first dice. A few quick rounds will be more than enough to familiarize yourself with Yahtzee.

A Nicely Customizable Experience

Despite the simple gameplay, Zylom's Yahtzee is full of a lot of options to fine-tune the game to your general preferences. The first order of business is what version of Yahtzee you would like to play.

There are three in this package. Classic Yahtzee lets you play the original game at its most basic level. Just roll the dice, try to assemble high-scoring combinations, and decide for yourself which ones to use when recording your score. Triple Yahtzee adds another level of strategy by letting you decide when to apply a score multiplier to your die combinations. Power Yahtzee is the most interesting option of all. It gives you and your opponents a motley collection of power-ups that can stack the odds in your favor or ruin everyone else's. One power-up will give the competition a run of bad luck, while another will grant you an extra roll. This is definitely the most fun game in the package as it's incredibly amusing to mess up your opponents, but every version of Yahtzee is worth a try.

Other options include the number of opponents you can face. You can easily play a solitaire version of Yahtzee or face up to three other players. They can be operated by the computer, in which case they come with three levels of difficulty, or by other players. Sadly, there's no way to mix and match human and computer opponents. It has to be one or the other. Even so, you got plenty of ways to play the game, so it shouldn't ever feel too repetitive.

Lacks One Rather Vital Option

Unfortunately, the multiplayer in Zylom's Yahtzee feels incredibly limited. A game like this would have benefited from online connectivity that lets you roll dice against people all over the world. Sadly, you're limited to hotseat games. That doesn't mean it's any less fun, but it does beg the question of why exactly you should bother purchasing this software.

As said before, Yahtzee is not a complicated game. The rules are simple enough to learn and it requires no sophisticated apparatuses. All you need to get a game going are five dice and a way to keep everyone's score. If you can only play this version of Yahtzee on one machine with people in the same room, then you might as well save yourself a few bucks and stick with some physical dice.

That's not to say this software is a complete bust. It does allow you to play against multiple computer opponents after all. You can easily play a non-solitaire game by yourself at any point in time. The computer also does all the work in keeping the scores updated, so you can focus on your strategy and not on the mathematics if that's tedious to you. The problem is that the AI opponents just do not feel all that smart, even on the higher difficulty levels. They don't seem to make the most strategic decisions and are especially stingy with their power-ups in Power Yahtzee. Zylom's edition of Yahtzee is at its best when you're playing against other people, but the only way to pull that off means you don't really need Zylom's Yahtzee anyway.

Conclusion: Not the Best Roll

It's not that this edition of Yahtzee is bad. It plays well enough, it cuts out a lot of the tedium, the mechanics are solid, the game is a snap to learn, the bugs are virtually nonexistent, and it's very fun and addictive. The problem is that it just feels a tad unnecessary. The lack of online playability means it doesn't really offer what the regular game already gives you for a much lower price.

If you don't mind rolling the dice against the computer, then it's might be worth a shot. If the chance to play against other people is largely what you're looking for, stick with regular dice.

- Review by David Galvin

Dave Galvin is a freelance writer and avid gamer. Somehow, he managed to find a way to combine the two passions.

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